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Wig making Process


Wigs always seem glamorous or extravagant to most people as they have very little real knowledge or contact with the wig wearers.The image that people who wear wigs are flashy, movie stars, people in show business or musicians is just a misconception.

In fact wigs actually enhance the appearance and self esteem of numerous non celebrity everyday office goers, moms and dads, businessmen and housewives all over the world. For the average user of a wig, the idea is that the hairpiece fits their look and wears so naturally and durably that nobody ever knows you are wearing a hair accessory or wig at all. So that means that if a wig is well made and does its job right, it will always remain humble, unnoticed and understated as it makes its wearer look great, day in and day out. But the fact that most wigs / hairpieces go completely unnoticed is a gross injustice to the wigmaker.Creating a wig or hair replacement system is a highly skilled art. This is an art where the wigmaker cannot show off but has to conceal his wigmaking skill without letting others know the secret behind the flawless hair. It should look natural and not like anything other than the head of hair you should have had.

Most people who are not thinking about it probably have many friends or relatives who are living successful lives with a wig or toupee as an important part of their life and nobody knows about it or needs to know about it.

The reasons people need or use a wig are many. For many men, it is a viable way to go for if hair loss becomes a problem. Compared to the expense and time and the uncertain outcome of surgical hair replacement procedures or trying medicines that are supposed to grow hair, a toupee is a fine alternative. It is reliable, easy to use, easy to take care of and replaceable when it wears out or you want a new look.

The truth is that for people who attempt to look better through the use of a well made toupee or wig in the professional world, a well maintained head of hair is of significant value particularly in certain settings where the job calls for meeting with customers, investors or partners. A quality wig can do a lot to create a striking and professional look that can help in many avenues of business success.

Ther use of wigs in contemporary society is growing. They are useful for woman as much as men who need to enhance their look easily and quickly when fast changes are just not possible any other way. Many hair extensions or partial hairpieces fit into a woman's hair to add more volume, fullness just for daily wear or a special occasion. And if the wig / hairpiece does its job it is worth the effort.

People have little or no knowledge about wigs or hair replacement systems especially if they are first time wearers so we make an effort to be as helpful by giving more information.

The Wig Crafting Process - A REMARKABLE CUSTOM

We believe that a long-lasting finished wig begins with a principled crafting process. Allure Hair wigs are made of pure Indian hair, grown under specified conditions for optimum volume and richness and never chemically processed. Our wigs are hand-woven in our private workshop by staff of expert weavers, sorters, cap and weft makers using the process developed by Yatin.

Once crafted, each individual Allure Hair wig is inspected for natural human motion, texture and vibrancy before finishing, cutting and styling which is done by Yatin personally.

The Allure Hair Wig Crafting Process:
Buying – The raw hair is purchased from auctions or our representatives at temples where Indian people offer hair.
Approving – Yatin examines the collected hair and selects the superior grade virgin hair. The lower grade bulk hair is sold off and never used for any Allure hair wig.
Washing – Hair is carefully washed using mild shampoos and conditioners and not laundry detergents.
Drying – Hair is sun dried. Drying the hair reveals the authentic texture.
Combing – A gentle combing process through hackle smoothens the vibrant hair and removes damaged hair.
Sorting – Hair is sorted by color, texture and length. Sizing – Hair is double drawn and sized perfectly.
Wefting – Strands are woven onto reinforced ribbons, creating little bunches of hair.
Capping – The wefts are machine-sewn to the cap for a natural swinging motion.

Generally the view on the word wig is not a very positive one. It's a harsh word with a hard connotation. I would rather refer to it as Aternative Hair or Hair Solutions or even Fashion Hair if it is for non medical hairloss.

Many wigmakers advertise the term 'Medical Wigs'. In fact, there are no such wigs. Wigs for medical hair loss are those wigs which give the most natural and comfortable solutions for daily wear. They are not made by a specific brand or have a price range. You should choose your wig based on your personal preference and what makes you feel the most comfortable. However, some wigs work better for sensitive scalp due to chemotherapy or hair loss.All monofilament top wigs have soft caps, are lightweight and well ventilated making them appropriate choices for medical hair loss patients. For people with extremely sensitive scalps, 100% hand-tied wigs are the most comfortable because they do not have wefts, therefore there are very few seams to irritate the scalp. Only through constant research and personal experience have we compiled information of wigs to be used by clients with hair loss due to cancer and alopecia. We take constant feedback from clients. This client feedback allows us to learn and improve from their experiences.

A good wig, requires a proper design, and does not necessarily need to have a lot of hair. Less density of hair gives more natural appearance. Too much hair can detract from the naturalness of any wig, hair replacement or restoration method. So in replicating the growth and density of natural hair exactly as you find with naturally occurring hair a naturally contoured hairline that begins with irregularly spaced hair increasing in density as the hairline progresses, visible scalp beneath the hair, from the hairline through the crown has to be made. A flow and bounce to the hair that allows multiple directional movement of the hair for unlimited styling options. So if you have a dense wig with too much hair emerging from the front it is going to look artificial.

A Wig for hair loss due to Alopecia, Chemotherapy, and Radiation should be

Custom made to give natural appearance and get the perfect fit

Very light weight, breathable and allow air ventilation.

Easily washable for hygienic reasons, without tangling of hair.

Comfortable & not exert pressure on any area of the head in spite of prolonged use.

Keep in mind that a wig cannot replicate the way your hair blends into your skin. It surely does in movies and on television, but that requires a great deal of time and trained professionals to look after it full time to keep it looking that way.


Choose a wig style that works for you

A wig can help you feel most like yourself. Mostly people choose a style and color that are similar to their natural hair, while few others take this opportunity to experiment with a new look. There are several things to consider when choosing a wig, such as style, hair length, face shape – as well as lifestyle. These are all important factors in finding that perfect style. But please note that style should come only after practicality.

Consider your lifestyle
What does your typical day involve? Will you be wearing your wig every day, or only occasionally? These questions, as well as others concerning your work, recreational and social activity, may affect which style you choose. Be sure to keep your typical daily or weekly activities in mind as you choose wigs.The three main items needed to make a wig are the net base on which the hair is knotted, the hair and accessories. You will need to determine what type of net base will suit your lifestyle and your skin as well. The weather conditions where you live will have to be taken into account when ordering your wig. Keep in mind also how much time you can give on maintaining your wig.

Customizing your style
Before wearing your wig for the first time, take it to your hairstylist and have them cut and style it to suit your face in case you have ordered it from a far away place. If you plan on coloring a human hair wig or add a few high lights, we recommend having your hair colorist do it.

Consider style length
As a rule, shorter styles are easiest to care for. Longer styles require a little more maintenance. A common mistake women make is choosing hair styles that are too long, which might not only be more work, but may overpower their features. Also remember that during treatment you may experience exhaustion, when you won’t want to fuss with your hair. The easier and more convenient your style is, the better off you’ll be.

Choose a color that flatters
Many women feel most comfortable selecting a shade that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own. 
On the other hand, you certainly don’t have to choose a color identical to your own. Try going just a shade lighter or warmer than your natural color to brighten your features. You can also choose styles with highlights that feature a subtle blending of shades for added depth and dimension.

The aim is to find a shade that complements your skin tone and brings out your natural color. A mistake many women make is choosing a color that’s too dark, especially given changes in skin color that occur during treatment. When in doubt, go a shade lighter. Your hair stylist can help you determine which shade works best for you.

Color Selections
Various differences in computer monitor screen quality and resolution may make colors appear different than they actually are. If you are in need of color assistance, we highly recommend you call us so we can help blend the wig or hairpiece color to your hair color. We take no responsibility for color selections made by customers during the order process. We assume you know the color you need and will process your order as such unless you ask for advice.

What is the difference between machine-made and hand-made hairpieces?

The main difference between a handmade wigs made of natural virgin hair with cuticle intact and in same direction, and one that is machine made and bought off-the-shelf is the fit.If a wig does not fit right and exerts excessive pressure at certain points, the hair follicles at those points will die and hair will never grow back. So I recommend wigs that don't hold them tightly against the scalp. Very few people realize that everyone's head shape is very different and sizes vary considerably.

Machine-made wigs are usually cheaper than hand-made pieces. In most styles the hair are machine sewn onto a “weft” in a fixed pattern. The wefts are then assembled together on an open net base. Generally this type of construction is worn by persons who have some hair, as you can see through the wefts when the wind blows.

Hand-made methods involve hand knotting on a net base or hand inserting into a custom molded base. Hand construction methods usually provide a more random and natural appearance. Most hand knotting or implantation process is tedious and very labor intensive. On some hairpieces, there are over 140,000 individual hair shafts that need to be inserted. There are a wide variety of price and appearance options. The way a wig is made affects how it looks just as much as the type of hair used.

There are three different types of wig constructions: custom made, hand-made ready to wear and machine-made.

Custom-made wigs are almost undetectable from natural hair. They are the usually the best viable option for hair loss patients, but they are expensive compared to readymade wigs and generally take from two / three weeks to a few months to complete.

Hand-made wigs look the most natural of the readymade choices because individual strands are knotted on to a net base rather than wefts of hair being sewn together. These wigs can be parted and styled with accessories because there is no chance the vents will be exposed. The hair also falls and moves more naturally.

Machine-made wigs are the least expensive and most widely available. Wefts of hair are sewn together in a straight line, cut and assembled into a wig. When you look inside a machine-made wig you can see the lines. Many look extremely realistic as long as they are not parted, pulled back or otherwise altered. Some people find these wigs more comfortable because the construction creates vents that allow air to circulate to the scalp.

How are hand made wigs or hair pieces constructed?

Hair is attached to the wig base with “ventilating needles.” Ventilating needles come in various sizes and have small hooks at the end designed to pull a specific number of hairs from the hair bundle and insert them into the base material. The needles with the smallest hooks will pull one hair shaft at a time. Larger hooks can pull up to 6 hair shafts at a time. Single hair shaft knotting or implanting looks the most natural, and is also the most expensive.
The single shaft method duplicates the pattern of growth hair and provides the most natural looking results. The multi-shaft implantation can be less expensive, but may be less natural looking, especially at the part line or crown. When hair is knotted the knotting varies over the surface of the base to duplicate that of growth hair on the scalp. Special techniques are often used at the front hairline and the nape of the neck depending on the style of the hairpiece.

Also, the more natural, the less durable, and vice versa. But with durability, you have to sacrifice some naturalness. That is why our wigs / Hair System material is chosen to be perfect balance of the both. We generally wait for at least a year before we start using any new product or material that is available. We do our own trials first and only when we are satisfied we use new products on our clients.

We make wigs/ hair replacement systems from clients own head moulds.The creation of a mould enables us to produce a perfect scalp fit, replicating the individuals contours and providing a 'second skin' comfort.

How much time does it take to get delivery of a new wig?

We only make customized made to measure wigs on order. We do not have ready to wear wigs available in stock with us normally. However sometimes the sample pieces that we have fit the clients requirement then we can give it to them immediately.

The making of a wig for a new client can take three or four visits.

The first is for consultation when we show samples,understand client requirements, explain in detail how we make the wig and decide on hairstyle and color. At this time, we take accurate head measurements if the client wishes to go ahead to make the wig. If the client places the order then we make the base cap for the wig.
The second visit is for the base cap trial of the wig for an exact fit. In case of patients who are unable to travel due to health reasons, they can skip this visit.
The third visit is for hairdressing session and delivery. The wig will be cut and styled after we show the client how to put it on and teach them with the appropriate method of attachment. We offer a full cutting and styling service but clients have the option of using their own hairdresser for them to cut and finish if so desired. We recommend that you get it color matched to your own hair by getting your stylist / colorist to color it exactly.
It is possible to produce a wig in extremely urgent circumstances of illness or distress in less than one week, but in most cases, it is best to give us around two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA CHARGE FOR ANY WORK REQUIRED WITHIN ONE WORKING WEEK. This is only possible if we will able to complete the order depending upon the workload at that time.

We charge Rs.2000/- (in advance) for the initial consultation but the consultation fee is deducted from the final cost if the client places order to make the wig / hair replacement system in the following two weeks.Clients are requested to book appointments & be punctual so that sufficient time can be given for the consultation to be carried out properly, with complete satisfaction to achieve the best results.

We are caring, and respect your privacy hence we make sure that there are no other clients around by spacing out appointments as normally people who suffer from hair loss due to medical conditions prefer privacy.

Due to our privacy policy and space constraints we permit only one person to accompany patients within our premises.

How much does a wig cost?

As a matter of policy we do not give prices over the telephone without seeing the client or their photographs. We require old photographs of the clients before the hair loss started along with present photographs to get an idea of their hairline, style, color etc. if they want a similar look for the wig. Otherwise they can send a reference photo of someone else if they want a different look so that we can give them an estimate.

The cost of a basic short length ladies / men's wig starts at around Indian Rupees 15,000/- (about 300$ US or 200 Euros depending on the foreign exchange rate) and the price goes upwards. The price of our custom made hand knotted full wig varies according to Cap size,Cap construction, Hair type (Indian hair, European hair, etc.),Hair length, Hair density and above all on how much intricate work has to be done.

The more expensive the wig, the more lightweight, supple and well-fitting the cap, which moulds perfectly to the head. We work to a standard, not a price, and we never make false promises that may not meet your expectations.

The less hair a wig has, the more time it takes to make than a dense hair wig. All our wigs are handmade with highest quality virgin human hair with cuticle intact and in same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. This type of hair is most expensive but will remain in good condition for much longer than decuticlized hair. It can also be heat styled and colored to match to your own hair color or highlighted / low lighted easily. We are able to offer color matching and can get hair in straight, curly or wavy forms and in varying degrees of thickness and texture.

The cost increases depending on the length, color and hair type, but there are no hidden extras and the basic price includes cutting and styling initially when you first take delivery of your wig and a second one within two weeks after that in case you want any minor changes. We do this because in order to get the exact cut the wig may be possibly cut too short. We prefer to leave the hair a little longer so you can get used to it and if needed trim it up later.I generally prefer to cut the wig on the clients own head as that gives a perfect idea about the final look. I assure all clients that I am conservative in my cutting and no one is used as a subject for my own artistic creations.

We charge Rs.2000/- (in advance) for the initial consultation but this fee is deducted from the wig cost if the client places an order to make the wig / hair replacement system in the following two weeks.

Washing, styling and color costs are given based on the type of wig. The wigs can be washed and conditioned regularly by following the guidelines. We offer a complete after-sales facility including the opportunity for the wigs to be brought to us for washing, styling, coloring and refilling of hair as and when it is needed. We instruct the clients on how to wash their own wig at home and get the appropriate wig block, brushes etc. to enable them to do this. Once we have made for a client, the details are on record and it is much easier to make further pieces. If you send us your used wig or hairpiece, we can make a similar piece if not an exact copy of it.

Caution – Do not waste your money on cheap wigs. Although the price may be tempting, you will only get what you pay for. Many cheap readymade wigs are mass produced by inexperienced unskilled wigmakers as opposed to being crafted by highly skilled experienced wig makers who hand tie each individual hair strand to the wig base.Such type of cheap wigs requires repeated refilling of hair as the density of the hair reduces after use due to shedding of hair due to incorrect knotting or breakage of hair due to tangling and the net base becomes visible. Refilling of hair repeatedly means incurring additional cost. So effectively such wigs tend to cost more in the long run. This cost is not considered when buying a wig which may be cheaper initially but you end paying more during the period of use. A well-crafted custom made wig like the type we make usually takes 40 to 100 hours( four to eight working days ) for one person to make and takes the donor years to grow the hair used in these wigs. 


Does Allure Hair have a return policy?

We had a return policy earlier but due to abuse of our previous return policy by clients, we do not offer refunds on custom orders since they are 100% custom made to your measurements and specifications. Your hair style, color and size is unique to only you and will not be easily interchangeable with anyone else. Therefore, this is a custom made order for you and we will not offer a refund under any circumstances.Constructing a wig can take anywhere from 40 to 100 man hours depending on type, and very expensive hair and base materials are used. This is too much time, effort and money for individuals to purchase our wigs only for temporary use. Selling a restocked wig is also difficult. So we give no refunds on custom orders.

In case we have sent you the wrong item and not what you ordered only then we will replace it for you if we get it back within four days of receipt of product(s) by you. ALL RETURNED ITEMS MUST be in the original condition. Any wigs that have been cut, colored or altered, in any way will invalidate the acceptance for exchange conditions.Wigs may only be tried on briefly but may not be worn for any period of time. Determination of eligibility for exchange is solely at Allure Hair’s discretion.

You are responsible to pay the cost of any return shipping. Once we receive the item in its original condition we will process your exchange. You will get the similar item in exchange. In case you would like to change something then the earlier estimate will not be valid. we will give you a new estimate. Only after we get the amount difference do we start making your goods. Please specify the reasons for the return, your preferences and to suggest alternative options.Additionally, all tags and packaging must be included and attached.

Note: If you request our suggestions / assistance in selecting a style or color, please understand that we can only make suggestions and cannot guarantee that these suggestions will work for you. Please make sure that what you order is what you want.

When trying on a wig, please wear it on clean hair or wear a wig cap liner at all times to protect the condition of the wig.

Hairgoods, as merchandise is a most precaroius commodity. It does not take much to disturb the product from its original new condition. For this reason we are very clear in maintaining a strict quality control assurance, as we only sell new goods and not re-fabricated. Surely you would not like to receive a piece worn or used by someone else from us.

How many wigs / hairpieces do I need? OR Is one wig good enough for me?

It is always necessary to have a back-up wig / hairpiece regardless of the type of wig you choose. Those who wear a wig daily for more than 10 to 12 hours should definitely have two wigs.

Factors such as sweating, pollution and humidity will contribute to the frequency of washing. Sweat at the net base if not cleaned properly and bad hygiene can lead to skin problems like fungal infection of the scalp. Not only can you wash one wig while you wear the other, you can be sure to have a fresh one for special occasions.  

Sometimes an unforeseen situation may arise and cause problems that a professional will need to fix. While it is being repaired, you will need an alternative hairpiece to wear. Though human hair wigs can last from 1 to 3 years, they require periodic repairs during their lifespan. Repairs may take up to two to three weeks. Your back-up wig / hairpiece will allow you to have peace of mind and feel comfortable in any situation.

Many clients prefer to alternate styles and colors – adding versatility to their wardrobes. Owning more than one wig can add fun and creativity while allowing you the freedom to change your look to match your mood as per the occasion.

How long will the wig last and does it come with any kind of warranty?

Allure Hair wigs / Hair System life span is dependant on customers own care, wear and other conditions out of our control.

Our wigs are made to last for 12 months with regular wear. However, if clients don't take care of the wig or hair system, they won't last just like anything else. Our wigs do not come with a Warranty. Every piece is inspected carefully before sending to the client. As we have no control over the quality of care a client gives to the hair once the wig is in their hand. We cannot force clients to keep the hair clean, not to chemically process it or do anything damaging. We do guarantee that the base will not fray for a period of 6 months. If it does, we will repair it free of charge within that period.We fully back our products with our guarantee, but please remember that proper care helps to prolong the life you can expect from our wigs / Hair Systems. We do not offer any warranty for the results of a chemical service performed on a wig after purchase by your stylist / Colorist.

We have plenty of wigs with us which were made over 12 to 15 years ago which we still use for our own work in the media. These wigs are well looked after by us hence they last very long.

How can I be sure my wig will not move or fall off my head?

Your made to measure wig should fit you both comfortably and securely. When we make a wig which is made to measure this problem does not arise. Because everyone's head has a shape unique to that person, every wig is provided with elastic tabs that can be easily adjusted to conform to your head. Choosing a wig in your correct size when you are buying a readymade wig makes a big difference. When your wig fits correctly, it should not move or fall at all.

What is the correct method for fitting and removing my wig or hairpiece?

Place the hairpiece upside down so you can see the inside area at the nape facing away from you. You will see two stiffeners near the ear flap (the points that go in front of your ears). If necessary, the earflaps can be gently rounded inwards very slightly, so the cap edge always fits close to your temples.

You can use a wet cloth to dampen your scalp before you place it on your head this will allow the wig/ prosthesis to slide more easily into the correct position. Many people make this part of their daily routine. Wet and slide' is a proven method to ensure a good fit and avoid cap stretching.

Check that no hair has been pulled inside the cap along the perimeter. 

Bend your head down into the cap, then lift your head and hair together. Hold the hair at each side above your ears to gently slide the cap into the correct position. Some hairpieces may need to be used on the head for a few times before they take the shape of your head. This really just depends on the shape of your head.

Look in a mirror or feel to check there's even spacing around each ear, and there's no space at the top or crown. 

It is essential that the hairpiece is correctly positioned when you have it styled. We recommend some practice fittings at home before your styling appointment, so there's no risk of fringes or bangs being cut too short because the prosthesis wasn't fitted correctly ( if you are getting it styled by your stylist).

To remove, slide a small finger under the cap edge above or behind each ear. Lift the hairpiece off your head. Do not put your finger in under the front hairline (you'll stretch it!) or under the nape edge (this could tear the cap above the ears!).

Remember to be gentle with your prosthesis we want you to use it for as long as possible

Will the wig be uncomfortable?

A custom made wig is never uncomfortable. Wearing a new wig is like wearing a new pair of shoes, once you’ve worn it a few times in the house, it becomes much more comfortable as the wig takes the shape of youe own head you get used to wearing it. Patience with the process; Keep in mind that you are putting something foreign on your head that will take some getting used to. It may feel hot or itchy depending on what the base of the cap is made of.

Why do I notice tangling at the back of the wig?

Tangling at the back of the wig is usually caused due to the friction of the hair against other objects such as collar, jewellery in the neck, leaning against the sofa, a chair, a head rest in a car, or against a pillow. The friction causes the human hair damage which will eventually cause it to tangle. To help to prevent the tangling, be sure to brush out all of the tangles before washing. Apply a conditioner or detangling solution to the hair after washing and be sure to rinse well. The use of a satin pillow case will help to reduce the damage to the back of the wig. If you find that you are leaning against a sofa or chair, it might be helpful to place a satin cover on the back of the sofa or chair.

Can wigs / hairpieces be made with clients own hair?

Wigs can be made with clients own hair only if it is in good condition and not chemically treated wih any kind of hair color/dye, henna, straightening /perming products.

The patient has to contact me well before the first chemotherapy treatment begins. After examining the hair I inform the patients if the hair is usable or not.

Hair that is collected after it has fallen off the scalp, collected from the comb or brush or swept off the floor is not usable at all.

The hair has to be shaved off the hair directly from the client's head and meticulously hand tie your hair in exactly the same area from where it was originally removed strand-by-strand on to a light and durable base cap.

Hair that has been bleached / over processed is not usable.  I can only use hair longer than 12 to 14 inches from your own hair. Short hair is of no use for the wig. We may have to add 30 to 60 % of our own hair if your hair is not sufficient. As the major cost of making a wig is the cost of the hair itself, patients can save 25% to 30% on the cost of the hair used for making the wig. This is an important fact that Doctors and medical counselors should inform the patients. This fact is also not revealed by most wigmakers.

As most patients are aware that hair loss is going to happen, be prepared and order your wig well in advance before the first chemotherapy treatment. Custom-made wigs or hairpieces take 2 weeks before they are ready. Most patients are expected to lose their hair but still have a faint hope that it would not happen to them. However, hair starts to thin and fall out in the three-week period after the first chemotherapy. Hair loss can happen suddenly, although it is usually more gradual and begins within two or three weeks of starting treatment. 

The hair thins and falls out once chemotherapy begins so rather than wait for your hair to fall out and be thrown away use it to make your wig. I recommend having your hair shaved before your chemotherapy treatment starts rather than wait for your hair to fall out . As the scalp may become dry and tender it may not be possible to shave the hair once chemotherapy begins. Please note that hair has to be stored in the same direction that it grows i.e. from roots to ends. Hair that is collected after it has fallen off or swept off the floor is not usable as it will tangle.  

In case patients have friends or relatives who have long hair similar to their hair type and would like to donate their long hair for your wig then I can use that as well.

When should I order my wig if I am going to lose my hair because of treatment ?

Losing hair from your head, face, or body can be hard to accept. Feeling angry or depressed is common and perfectly all right. Because hair loss is such an emotional experience for men as well as women, spend some time getting used to the idea of you being without hair. The idea is to figure out how to maintain a positive body image after your hair is gone. For obvious reasons, this is easier to do before you lose your hair. At the same time, keep in mind that it is a temporary side effect. Talking about your feelings can help. Get your wig or hairpiece before you lose a lot of hair. That way, you can match your current hair style and color. Take your wig to your hairdresser or wigmaker for styling and cutting to frame your face if it is not already done.

Cutting your hair:

You may want to make an appointment to have your hair cut short. This approach provides you with an emotional way between having a full head of hair and none at all. If all your hair comes out, it's easier to manage losing short hair than long — for a while, anyway. And if only a little of your hair ends up falling out, the hair that is left will look thicker and fuller if it's short. It's less traumatic to lose short clumps of hair than long ones —and it's easier to fit a wig over less hair.

Hair falls out in single strands and in clumps. Once it starts coming out, hair will be on your pillow, on your collar, on the floor and in your shower.There are patients who do not touch their hair but as the hair loss increases the hair becomes entangled with hair that was still securely anchored within the follicles. I explain to them that they would feel more comfortable and there would be less chance of infection if the matted hair that were under tension were removed or shaved off. The elimination of uncontrolled hair fall and embarrassment of shedding generally helps. Frankly, it's a complete mess — such a mess that you may find yourself dialing your hair stylist and asking for an appointment to have your head shaved. Shaving facilitates prosthetic hair security and comfort i.e. two way tape and other adhesives for hair prostheses.

If you suspect that you may weep while having your head shaved, I can schedule the appointment in complete privacy and then wear your wig before leaving. Keep in mind that you are not the first person to undergo this type of procedure, and you will not be the last. I am happy to do what I can to help you through this difficult appointment.

Another way to make the transition easier is to start having fun with your hair now, before you begin treatment. If you've ever wanted to experiment with a different style and color, now is the perfect time. Have you always wondered what you would look like in a shorter style? Go for it! That way, when you do transition to a wig you will feel free to continue experimenting with new and different looks.

Could a wig cause damage to my scalp, or slow my own natural hair growth?

No, absolutely not. Wearing a wig will not harm your scalp or inhibit new growth.During the period of shedding it is best to keep the scalp clean by shampooing as normal, as hair may become entangled as it falls away from the hair follicles. Shampooing does not increase the hair loss but makes the scalp feel more comfortable and, when the hair starts to regrow; the scalp is also in the optimum condition. The other reason that the hair or scalp should be shampooed regularly is that, if you decide to wear a hat or wig, then the scalp has a covering of sebum (sweat) and this can leave the surface sore along with an odour. In fact, a wig will make you feel better and more confident about your appearance, while helping maintain body heat and preventing overexposure of your sensitive skin during this time.You may also find there is an in-between period when your hair is growing back but you aren’t quite ready to go out with your own hair. You may choose to wear a wig or other headcover until your hair is longer. Most women choose to wear their wig until their own hair has grown enough to style and shape and they are confident of moving around with their own hair.




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Allure Hair is owned by me Yatin Deshpande and I run this business by myself. That's it. It's just me alone. I personally answer all phone calls made by clients as I feel that due to my expertise and experience in this business I can help the clients best by understanding their requirements. Based on the frequently asked questions by clients I update the information regularly on the website in case something is missing.
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Allure Hair provides practical support and information related to hair loss for people who are likely to lose their hair, or have already lost it due to various medical reasons like male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness), chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and accidents. Many of our clients have a condition called alopecia areata, an auto immune disorder which causes spots of hair loss and can progress into total hair loss.
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Allure Hair is unique as it doesn't compete with barbers, hairstylists, or volume wig manufacturers.Yatin oversees all the work at Allure Hair personally, from the client consultation, design, knotting plans, fittings, to the cutting, styling and coloring of the finished product. Yatin's philosophy is simple, “I am a perfectionist and my goal is to be the best in my field, not the biggest in terms of sales and turnover. Hence Allure Hair makes only a limited number of pieces every month.
Allure Hair Wigs
Allure Hair is owned by me Yatin Deshpande and I run this business by myself. That's it. It's just me alone. I personally answer all phone calls made by clients as I feel that due to my expertise and experience in this business I can help the clients best by understanding their requirements. Based on the frequently asked questions by clients I update the information regularly on the website in case something is missing.
Allure Hair provides practical support and information related to hair loss for people who are likely to lose their hair, or have already lost it due to various medical reasons like male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness), chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and accidents. Many of our clients have a condition called alopecia areata, an auto immune disorder which causes spots of hair loss and can progress into total hair loss.
Allure Hair is unique as it doesn't compete with barbers, hairstylists, or volume wig manufacturers.Yatin oversees all the work at Allure Hair personally, from the client consultation, design, knotting plans, fittings, to the cutting, styling and coloring of the finished product. Yatin's philosophy is simple, “I am a perfectionist and my goal is to be the best in my field, not the biggest in terms of sales and turnover. Hence Allure Hair makes only a limited number of pieces every month.
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Hair Replacement
Allure Hair provides practical support and information related to hair loss for people who are likely to lose their hair, or have already lost it due to various medical reasons like male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness), chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and accidents. Many of our clients have a condition called alopecia areata, an auto immune disorder which causes spots of hair loss and can progress into total hair loss.
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Allure Hair is unique as it doesn't compete with barbers, hairstylists, or volume wig manufacturers.Yatin oversees all the work at Allure Hair personally, from the client consultation, design, knotting plans, fittings, to the cutting, styling and coloring of the finished product. Yatin's philosophy is simple, “I am a perfectionist and my goal is to be the best in my field, not the biggest in terms of sales and turnover. Hence Allure Hair makes only a limited number of pieces every month.
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